The Old Me...

I was a moderate achiever and had no real confidence in my abilities.. Happy times came and went and I was always left feeling really really sad.

I had been married and felt a lot of guilt that my marriage hadn’t worked out (albeit feeling blessed that I have two amazing children and remained good friends with their Dad). However, throughout my life I felt I had under-achieved and this was a deeply held belief.

By the time I was in my 50s I felt worn down by this lack of self-belief and unhappiness. I decided enough was enough! I really had to do something about this. 

I realised after many years of attending a psychotherapist, that I wasn't making any breakthroughs and so I became completely fed up that nothing was changing. My problems still existed!

I was for the most part unhappy, still questioning myself, resulting in poor decision making and was always feeling guilty that I had failed in my marriage especially for my children's sake.

The Wiser Me...

finding hypnotherapy

Embarking then on my journey of personal development finally led me to where I needed to be.  

Eureka!! …I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy, and actually for me it was in just one RTT session, I learned how to review my past safely, (not relive it!).

I addressed the issues that arose through a review process facilitated by my hypnotherapist, and from a totally new perspective, I was able to completely LET GO of my past issues and I coded into my subconscious mind a brand new belief system.  This has been truly transformational and life changing.

My years of feeling guilty and unhappy had far outweighed my ability to be truly confident, happy with true peace of mind.

I can happily tell you that I am now living MY BEST LIFE and I AM HAPPY FROM THE INSIDE OUT!


I can show you how...

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