Does this sound like you?

 ✦ Are you worried about your drinking? Is your drinking affecting your life?

 ✦ Do you rely on alcohol for confidence?

 ✦ Are you no longer able to hold your drink?

 ✦ Are you suffering memory lapses when we do the inevitable post mortem after an evening's drinking?

Learn to be compassionate with yourself and live a life with great self esteem and confidence - WITHOUT the need for alcohol.

Hello I'm Deirdre

 I am passionate about helping people live their best life with integrity, great confidence and self-esteem.

We were all born with a blueprint to live a happy, harmonious, and magnificent life. Alas, for a lot of people, it doesn’t quite work out that way. By the time a child is 8 years old, they are already forming beliefs that maybe true or untrue, and in many cases, these beliefs hold them back and they are feeling stuck and are so far away from living their life to their highest potential.

I think this is so profoundly sad, and I want to help! Because I believe way down, deep inside, that huge potential is there and it deserves to be “outted” once and for all!


How It Works...


    Connect with me by booking a FREE DISCOVERY CALL – takes approx. 15 mins to have a chat about the issue(s) you would like to address.


    Make your appointment and complete the intake form


    Individual session approx. 2 hours. This is your time. The most important thing to remember is that you are always in control of your session.

  • Custom Track

    You will receive a bespoke hypnosis audio especially created just for you, based on what came up during our hypnosis session.

    Relax and listen to this track daily to fully embed your new belief system.

  • Transformation Calls

    2 follow up 30 minute zoom transformation calls during the 21 day period post hypnosis session.

    Opportunity for mentoring post follow up.


Let’s connect with a discovery call.

  • Kirsten Gjesdal

    "Thank you Deirdre for the hypnosis session. It felt very comfortable talking to you, and I felt seen and heard. I also appreciate the form you sent me before the session with questions, so I got more focused. And I just LOVE the recording you sent me for 21 Days, that was awesome. I love waking up in the morning listening to it. Such a great way to start my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

  • Karl Corr

    "I had an RTT session with Deirdre. I only needed one session! I found this type of therapy personally groundbreaking in that it got to the root cause of my issue quickly and, having got a powerful transformation from Deirdre, I haven't looked back since. I highly recommend her."

  • Tracey Igoe

    "My whole experience with Deirdre was a feeling of being safe, loved, cared for and understood.
    Through hypnosis I was taken back to some scenes from my childhood which had caused me to have certain beliefs about myself and others which I had carried with me throughout my life but they were holding me back.
    When hypnotized I was able to place a different ending on those scenes where I took empowered action and spoke up for myself. This felt amazing, I felt so loved and cared for by myself. The session was fantastic, it still feels so good when ever I think of it.
    I listened ever night to the recorded meditation Deirdre provided and the effects were amazing.
    I had an excellent experience with Deirdre O’Donovan’s hypnosis and I would definitely say you are in safe hands with her."

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